Future Developments
Lunt Estate, Bilston

We have just started on site on The Lunt Estate, Bilston where in Phase 1 (due for completion December 2010) we are building 9 two bedroom houses for Intermediate Rent to Homebuy and 2 two bedroom houses for Newbuild Homebuy.

Phase 2 will comprise of 7 two bedroom bungalows, 4 two bedroom houses and 1 3 bedroom house (all Newbuild Homebuy). Start dates to follow.

Wheelchair Housing

We are due to start on site shortly in Prouds Lane, Bilston building two 3 bedroom bungalows designed for wheelchair users under the New Build Homebuy Scheme.

(To qualify for one of these bungalows one or more family members must require the use of a wheelchair)

For rented properties please visit www.heantun.org.

To register your interest or for further information about this development please contact our Sales Team on 01902 557222 or email sales@heantun.co.uk