HomeBuy enables social tenants, key workers and first-time buyers to buy a share of a home and get onto the housing ladder.

Homebuy is the government’s low cost home ownership scheme. For many people, HomeBuy provides the best opportunity to own a home in the area in which they want to live and work.

We are offering two Homebuy Products:

Intermediate Rent to Homebuy. If you want to buy a brand new home but can’t afford to do so at the moment as you do not have a deposit saved then Rent to HomeBuy may be an option for you. Rent to HomeBuy is a new scheme designed to help you get onto the homeownership ladder by first renting the home you plan to buy, at 20% less than the rent you would pay with a private landlord, and then buying it at a later date. The purchase is made through New Build HomeBuy.

If you have a household income of less than £60,000 per annum, you could be eligible for HomeBuy. The majority of people we assist are first time buyers, but we can also help if you need to buy a property in a situation such as a relationship breakdown or where your household has either outgrown existing arrangements or you need to downsize.

New Build Homebuy (formerly Shared Ownership) which is a fantastic opportunity if you want to get a foot on the housing ladder but can’t afford to buy a home outright.

It allows you to buy a share in a brand new property on a part buy/part rent basis, paying subsidised rent on the part that you don’t own. You can then purchase further shares until eventually you own 100% of the property.


Click on the Homebuy logo for a link to the government website and more information.

If you think you are eligible and would like to apply for any of the Homebuy Products you will need to fill in an Application Form from Orbit Housing Association. Orbit are our Local Homebuy Agent. Click here for more information and to download an application form.

To register your interest or for further information about this development please contact our Sales Team on 01902 557222 or email sales@heantun.co.uk